eth change randomly on slack

July 15, 2009 at 6:26 am Leave a comment

did this ever happen to you,  when you plug new ethernet. your old configuration didnt work.

for case example :

i have 2 old nic configuration :



but for some how it not detected the first eth , so now the only shown is eth1 with ip And im bought a new nic card , and just pluged there.but when it booted. the only shown is still eth1 , whereis eth0 that we should restored.

just dont get panic.

first , type dmesg | grep eth on your console.

it will shown your eth list

in mine its show like this

eth1: RealTek RTL8139 at 0xf882cc00, 00:50:fc:0d:71:2e, IRQ 217
eth1:  Identified 8139 chip type ‘RTL-8139C’
eth2: RealTek RTL8139 at 0xf8870800, 00:50:fc:67:0e:06, IRQ 225
eth2:  Identified 8139 chip type ‘RTL-8139C’

so where is the eth0 one.lets go to /etc/udev/rules.d, edit file 75-network-devices.rules. See the line with kernel

KERNEL==”eth?”, ATTR{address}==”00:50:3E:50:FF:BC”, NAME=”eth0″
KERNEL==”eth?”, ATTR{address}==”00:50:fc:0d:71:2e”, NAME=”eth1″

KERNEL==”eth?”, ATTR{address}==”00:50:fc:67:oe:06″, NAME=”eth2″

now u need to edit the network card that you present now.

change the eth0 with your eth2 . remember to edit exactly the mac addres.

how could this happen?

i’ll explain it later


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