How to make a Gunbound Server !

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This guide is for advanced member,if you’re newbie,should read it carefully

and dont forget to ask if you dont understand,when you do

somethings,should check it now,should not continue install if you

bypass any step.

If you dont know anythings about MySQL and Webservices,you should….

I-Setup Server

First you must have server Gunbound WC 5.85 (Release by f1l1p1nho and reconfiged by me),Client <=5.85 and my Patch,a tool Parner Agent Fix,and a Web to reg account (this Web also contain files to disable fetch and nProtect)

Install MySQL 4.x ( dont use 5.x i dont know what will happen) and configure account root with null password (you can do another way but it should be later).Use any MySQL management create 4 database (admin ; batch ; gunbound ; user ) and import data from backup SQL file( included in Server)

There are nothing to change in 3 database,we only change some columns in database gunbound.Open table applicationsetting and config

Notice and BaseURL: Your Server IP

FUlldownloadURL : Your Server IP\fetch.php

Remeber that after we install MySQL it creates account root only for IP localhost ( and certain this security only apply for if you use another IP ( i use by Loopback adapter) you must add account root for new IP ( use MySQL management to do,at here i use MySQLyog)


End database here

Goto Server’s Folders:

BuddyCenteràsetting.txt : Reconfigure all IP and Account use to access MySQL is root with null password

BuddyServàSetting.txt: Reconfigure all IP and version should be from 0 to 999, account for MySQL too

CentralàGameServerlist.txt and Setting.txt: Like above

Folders Server 8360à8363: Reconfigure file Setting.txt like above, warning:don’t change Accept line.After that,use Parner Agent Fix to reconfigure 4 files GunboundServ3 in these folders (change into root user with null password)

* Folder batchgis: configure file Batchgis.inf with MySQL account,and run batchgis.exe

Use 4 main services i provided ( included in this server) to manage

your server,at now you can run file install Services and Start

Services,don’t forget to see their reports.

II-Setup Web Server ( to disable Fetch and send right infos for GameGuard)

Install any Web services,I use IIS and PHP. Copy folder nProtect to

root server,and copy 2 file fetch.php and fetch.dll into root folder

too.It’s must be like this

http://your Server IP/nProtect

http://your serverIP/fetch.dll and http://yourserverIP/fetch.php

Use my Web to create account,you can install now or use any MySQL

management to create account. I provided (9-30-2007 but its still beta

use it to create account only)

III-Setup Client

Install your Client normaly then apply my patch

Reconfigure file Nxlaucher.inf : Your IP Server ; the Url_fetch should be http://yourip/fetch.php (default is .dll,change into .php),remember it has 2line URL_Fetch in this file

Reconfigure file Gunbound.inf : so easy J (only configure IP)

Important Step: Go to Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\ open file host.ics

with notepad,insert these lines into that file and save as read only file

You should make a backup file before doing this step ( is

IP use for this server ,you must change it into your serverIP if you

use original Server and edit it

Now you run your Game

Remember that,you should use if this is the first time

you are trying to install this Game.You can change all configurations

after have experiences

Good luck

– lehaimien






























Answer about 202 error while entering in the server:

Other way by this error can be generated is:

Missing set the properly permission, inside the GUNBOUND DB while use

navicat or other tool, see the screenshot for see what im talking about.


Most user only make permission in this part only

but you need setup in this part too.



Just something I quickly wrote for you guys with WC servers.

The only thing you really need to touch is at the very beginning of the file. The rest is done automatically. Includes:

– Super Power User

– Administrative Registering

– Editing starting gold

– Admins can choose not to have a country displayed at all

– TOS with customizable “i accept”

– Edit starting GP

– Edit starting Cash

– Edit starting AUTH (no point really, but I threw it in there anyways)

– Choose which item the script will send to the user

Just throw in your SQL host, user, pass, and the GunBound database name

and you’re all good to go. It’s defaulted to “root” without a password.


Save as “index.php” and throw it somewhere on your webhost.

Edit: Forgot to upload the ranks. Just throw the ranks folder in the root directory of the registration page.


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